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BePositive wants to be the all-in-one consultancy for enabling and stimulating positive growth of our clients – a premium agency for all the needs of your organization, with a scope of delivery of a major player in the region.


We aim at realizing our mission and making a positive contribution through working in partnership with our clients and customers, offering personalized care and an honest approach…


The philosophy of BePositive is represented by its very name – it reflects on both individual and collective levels, which represents our commitment to the person and to the organization.


At BePositive we strongly believe in Positivity, Quality, Personalized care, Honesty, and Integrity

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Our Services

Strategic planning

BePositive helps businesses and organizations identify and capitalize on new and emerging opportunities; provides guidance to ensure successful implementation of change processes and works with clients to develop processes that ensure sustainability.

Corporate services

BePositive provides incorporation services for resident and non-resident companies, registration of foreign companies, in addition to accounting and legal advice

HR consulting

We are dedicated to managing talent and creating programs that will maximize your employees’ capabilities and develop strong leaders, which would improve not just performance but also revenue


We help clients grow faster than the market through our services of branding, digital marketing, event management, customer experience research, analytics, and sales & channel management

Performance metrics

Measuring and monitoring performance is a fundamental prerequisite for identifying efficiencies and best practices and for spreading them throughout the organization. With our performance metrics service, you’ll have a precise view of your portfolio’s composition and performance results.

Financial risk management

BePositive can help your institution mitigate risks of regulatory changes, compliance, economic volatility, issues involving data security, as well as distressed lending and troubled assets.

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Our Team

Ljiljana Premović

Founder & CEO

Adam D. Roth


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BePositive Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:  

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Za samostalni biznis potrebni su i znanje i iskustvo

  Osnivač i izvršni direktor BePositive konsultantske kompanije, kao i osnivač i urednik portala Ekonomist, Ljiljana Premović ličnim, profesionalnim primjerom pokazala je da je šanse za poslovanje na domaćem i širenje ka međunarodnom tržištu moguće uočiti i iskoristiti ukoliko se kontinuirano radi na edukaciji i sticanju novih vještina.   Sticanje iskustva radeći u velikim, multinacionalnim […]

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